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Top 10 Best Cheap Queen Mattress Sets Under 200 Dollars In 2020 Reviews

When you’re shopping for a new mattress, you may feel sticker shock based on the high prices that come with some mattress brands. But a higher price doesn’t always mean better quality. There are plenty of mattresses available that are affordable and comfortable. You shouldn’t feel pressured to go over budget when mattress shopping just to feel like you’re getting a better queen size mattress.

If you’re shopping for a queen mattress under $200 there are plenty of options to choose from. Some are made better and designed to last when compared to others. That’s why it’s important to compare the different options available at your price point before you make the big purchase. The following is a list of the 10 best cheap queen mattresses under $200.

10. Home Life Euro Top Harmony Sleep 8-Inch Pocket Spring Luxury Mattress

The Home Life Euro Top Harmony luxury mattress is made with high quality materials. This mattress is 8″ thick and contains pocket spring technology to provide support and comfort.

This mattress from LIFE Home contains independently pocketed 15 gauge pocket coils. This makes it ideal for those who prefer to sleep on a firmer mattress.

Product Features

  • mattress is made with 100% Green Foam Certified foam for safety
  • has layers of foam and polyester over the springs so you don’t feel them
  • Euro top adds softness


  • layered designed supports your back comfortably
  • includes a 20 year warranty from the manufacturer
  • features 1.5″ of pressure relieving comfort foam


  • 8″ thickness may not be preferable for those who like a thicker mattress
  • may be too firm if you prefer sleeping on a soft mattress

This mattress from LIFE Home is made with springs that have layers of foam on top for comfort. It has a thickness of 8″. The foam used in the mattress has been certified as environmentally safe.

9. Olee Sleep 9 Inch I-gel Multi Layered Memory Foam Mattress

The Olee Sleep 9 Inch memory foam mattress has multiple layers to support your entire body while you sleep. This mattress uses i-gel cooling foam to promote air flow and keep you cool throughout the night.

This mattress from Olee Sleep is 9″ thick. It provides relief to pressure points on the body which is ideal for anyone who suffers from back pain, neck pain, or pain in other areas of the body.

Product Features

  • materials contain bamboo and charcoal to help control odors and prevent the growth of bacteria
  • memory foam provides support
  • mattress is CertiPUR-US approved


  • foam is made with natural palm oil to replace some of the petroleum
  • mattress has been tested for harmful substances
  • gel memory foam provides a cool sleeping surface to prevent overheating at night


  • mattress isn’t as thick as some other options
  • doesn’t contain springs for extra support that some people prefer

This memory foam mattress from Olee Sleep contains charcoal and bamboo, both of which help to prevent odors and bacteria. The mattress is 9″ thick which is a good thickness to keep your sheets in place.

8. Zinus 6 Inch Gel-Infused Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress

The Zinus 6″ Gel-Infused Green Tea mattress contains high quality memory foam to provide support for the entire body. This mattress is covered in a comfortable knitted Jacquard material.

This mattress from Zinus comes shipped to your door compressed inside a box, which makes bringing it into your bedrooms quick and easy. The mattress returns to its original shape within 48 hours of removal from the box.

Product Features

  • high-density foam provides support for your back
  • includes a worry free 10 year warranty from the manufacturer
  • memory foam is infused with green tea extra to help keep you cool and comfortable


  • has a 1″ layer of memory foam, a 1″ layer of comfort foam, and 4″ of high density support foam
  • mattress is lightweight and easy to setup
  • covered in a hypoallergenic material


  • mattress may have a slight smell during the first few days of use
  • needs 2 days to fully return to its size once unpacked

This mattress from Zinus is 6″ thick and has a lightweight design. The mattress contains gel infused memory foam which works well to keep you cool during the night.

7. Molblly 8 Inch Memory Foam Queen Mattress

The Molblly queen mattress is 8″ thick and contains supportive memory foam. This mattress comes shipped conveniently in a box straight to your door which makes setup easy.

This mattress from Molblly has a multi-layer design with an all-foam system that can help improve your quality of sleep. It’s designed to be supportive and comfortable to help you stay asleep through the night.

Product Features

  • includes 2″ layer of memory foam for excellent support
  • certified by CertiPUR-US and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 to be free of harmful chemicals
  • mattress cover is made with hypoallergenic materials


  • mattress thickness makes it lighter and easier to setup than thicker mattresses
  • contains foam that helps keep you cool while you sleep
  • free of potentially harmful chemicals like formaldehyde and mercury


  • may not be firm enough for those who prefer extreme firmness for comfort while sleeping
  • mattress may have some odor for the first 72 hours after being removed from the packaging

This 8″ thick queen mattress from Molblly is made with durable foam. It’s been certified to be free of harmful chemicals to give you peace of mind while you sleep. The mattress is shipped to you compressed in a box for easy setup.

6. Ssecretland 8 inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The Ssecretland 8″ queen mattress is made with memory foam to provide you with comfort and support while you sleep. This mattress has a firm feel that works well for anyone who doesn’t like a soft mattress.

This mattress from Ssecretland is compressed and shipping in a box to your door. This makes it convenient and easy to bring the mattress in and set it up on your bed.

Product Features

  • has 2″ of HD memory foam
  • foam helps disperse heat to keep you cool throughout the night
  • the foam in this mattress has been certified as safe and free of harmful chemicals


  • lightweight design makes it easy to bring inside your home and setup
  • mattress cover is removable for washing
  • ergonomic design helps the mattress conform to your body for support


  • not as thick as other queen mattresses
  • foam doesn’t provide as much support as mattresses with springs

This queen mattress from Ssecretland is affordable and comfortable. It works well for anyone who prefers a mattress with medium firmness. The memory foam helps support the body so you wake up feeling rested.

5. PrimaSleep Modern 10 Inch Air Flow Gel Memory Foam Comfort Bed Mattress

The PrimaSleep Modern queen size mattress has a 10″ thickness to provide support for your entire body while you sleep. It’s ideal for all sleeping positions.

This mattress from PrimaSleep is made with gel which conforms to your body while you sleep to help you wake up feeling rested and pain-free. The foam helps keep your spine in proper alignment.

Product Features

  • air flow design helps with air circulation to keep you cool all night
  • mattress cover is made of a high quality polyester
  • has a modern and simple design


  • inner foam helps keep the back and neck aligned to prevent pain
  • mattress works for back sleepers, side sleepers, and stomach sleepers
  • cover is well-made and designed to last


  • mattress cover isn’t removable for washing
  • doesn’t have inner coils

This mattress from PrimaSleep is both firm and cozy which makes it ideal for most people. The mattress is 10″ thick and is designed to provide support to the whole body while you sleep.

4. PrimaSleep 7 Inch Dura Deluxe Comfort Memory Foam Mattress/Queen

The PrimaSleep 7″ Dura Deluxe queen mattress is budget-friendly and extremely comfortable. This mattress is thinner than most which makes it ideal for use if you want a minimalist look in your space and prefer a bed closer to the floor.

This mattress is made with multiple layers of foam to help you sleep soundly without tossing and turning throughout the night. It includes a Jacquard cover to protect the inner mattress and keep it clean.

Product Features

  • mattress has a 1″ layer of gel foam which works to disperse heat and keep you cool
  • inner foam layers help spread weight evenly to prevent pain
  • dense foam core supports the back and neck


  • helps prevent motion disturbance to your significant other
  • can be used with or without box springs
  • mattress is comfortable for all types of sleepers


  • may compress some when you lay on it
  • cover can’t be removed for washing

This mattress from PrimaSleep is 7″ thick. It’s ideal for use in a guest room or the master bedroom in your home. The mattress has a beautiful Jacquard cover to keep it clean.

3. PrimaSleep 8 Inch Premium Cool Gel Multi Layered Memory Foam Bed Mattress

The PrimaSleep 8″ memory foam mattress in queen size has multiple layers to keep you cool and comfortable all night. This mattress comes to you compressed and shipped in a box which makes it easy to setup inside your home.

This mattress from PrimaSleep has a 3.5″ convoluted later that works to disperse your body heat to keep you cool. This feature makes this mattress the ideal choice for anyone who overheats while sleeping.

Product Features

  • includes a premium poly Jacquard cover to protect your mattress
  • memory foam layer supports your body and helps prevent pain
  • multiple layers prevent motion disturbance


  • relieves strain on pressure point so you wake up feeling rested
  • mattress is easy to install in your room due to the shipping method
  • can be used with or without box springs


  • may not be firm enough for those who prefer an extremely firm mattress
  • cover is not removable for washing

This mattress from PrimaSleep is 8″ thick. It has multiple layers of foam that are designed to keep you comfortable and cool all night while you sleep. The mattress has a durable cover for protection.

2. Best Price Mattress 8-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

The Best Price Mattress 8″ Memory Foam queen mattress is made with body conforming memory foam. This foam supports the body and helps keep your spine properly aligned to prevent pain.

This mattress from Best Price Mattress features 2″ of memory foam, 2″ of super soft foam, and a 4″ layer of high density foam. This combination of layers provides support and comfort for a good night’s sleep.

Product Features

  • pressure relief system eliminates pain at pressure points
  • mattress is CertiPUR-US Certified for safety
  • includes a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty


  • mattress can be spot cleaned as needed
  • memory foam conforms to the body for pain relief
  • breathable fabric helps keep you cool


  • fabric cover can’t be removed for cleaning
  • inner mattress layer contains fiberglass

This mattress from Best Price Mattress contains memory foam to conform to your body while you sleep. The mattress is encased in a fabric cover. The inner layer of foam helps provide a medium firmness for sleeping.

1. Zinus Memory Foam 6 Inch Green Tea Mattress

The Zinus Memory Foam queen mattress is 6″ thick which makes it an ideal choice if you prefer a minimalist look with a low profile bed. This mattress contains comfortable memory foam for support.

This mattress from Zinus has a knitted Jacquard cover that’s stylish and functional. The mattress comes smartly shipped and is compressed inside a box to make setup quick and easy.

Product Features

  • memory foam contains green tea extract which helps with cooling
  • the 5″ layer of base foam supports your body
  • foam has been CertiPUR-US certified for safety and durability


  • Jacquard cover protects the inner mattress
  • includes natural castor seed oil to help prevent odors
  • can be used with or without box springs


  • may take several days to completely expand once unpacked
  • mattress may be too firm for some

This mattress from Zinus is both comfortable and affordable. The mattress contains a 1″ layer of memory foam over a 5″ layer of support foam. This combination of layers helps keep you comfortable throughout the night.


A high quality queen mattress doesn’t have to break your budget. There are plenty of brands that offer comfortable and supportive mattresses for under $200. When you’re shopping for a mattress on a budget it’s important to consider what features are most important to you. If you prefer a certain type of mattress, like memory foam or coil, using that information can help you choose one that meets your budget. Another factor to consider is how easy the mattress is to clean.

Some may come with removable and washable covers while others may require manual stain or dirt removal. One of the best ways to choose the mattress that will best meet your needs and budget is to read the online reviews. These reviews can help you with information on how well the mattress is made, how comfortable it is, how much support it offers, and if it’s easy to clean. With all the mattresses available, you’re sure to find a quality one that meets your budget.

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