Top 10 Best Slim Tower Bluetooth Speaker Under 500 Dollars In 2021 Reviews

Bluetooth speakers are becoming popular because of their amazing features. The slim tower ones are people’s favorite because of compactness and their light weight nature. You can stream music through Bluetooth and this offers even more convenience.

Here are the Top 10 Best Slim Tower Bluetooth Speaker under 500 Dollar that you can purchase. They have been selected according to their performance while still within the price range of under 500 dollars. This will save you a lot of effort and time and make your shopping easier.

10. S55 American HiFi Tower Speaker

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Enjoy perfect music system with this Bluetooth speaker that converts your room into a classic theatre. Count on it for good sound that is free from distortion. The power port technology that is a patent of Pl ensures a deep bass output than the traditional speakers that are back ported. The airflow transition from the speaker into the vicinity is excellent while minimizing turbulence. Bi-amp and bi-wire configurations can be made possible with the 5 way binding posts that are plated with dual gold. The frequency is high and crystal clear and creates the latest and highest resolution audio file.

9. ABRAMTEK 100W Bluetooth Speaker

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Not at all like ordinary 360-degree sound, the upgraded 360 degree streamlined sound stream’s left to t right and in all sides. The omnidirectional stereo sound gives the feeling that you are in a multi speaker condition-theater space. It enables you to appreciate and inundate the quality of sound in the entire room. The speaker has a digital signal processing power enabled on it to supplement the audio features. The speaker is portable and can be carried to any destination of your choice. The batteries last longer and adds to durability without affecting performance. A soft night light feature is inbuilt to add to the aesthetics and ambience of the room.

8. Pioneer Elite SP-EFS73

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Pioneer Elite Speakers are intended to be the core of your stereo and home theater systems. These towers convey great sound with a little impression, and are built to be tall, yet not wide or profound, for simple placement as freestanding speakers and exact imaging when you’re standing or sitting. A genuine three-way outline, the system utilizes not one, but rather three indistinguishable woofers, stacked vertically. With shining highs, point by point midrange and really legitimate bottom end, these speakers convey Elite Sound and Dolby Atmos innovation for the best experience that outsmarts its cost. The curves sides do away with standing waves.

7. Klipsch R-26F Speaker

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The 5 way design binding posts are strong, versatile and durable and have high grade terminals that enhance all the features and benefits of bi-amping and bi-wiring. Woofers are made of injected molded graphics and make the speakers incomparably light yet strong. This results in a low frequency output and reduces distortion and cone breakup. Speaker efficiency is high courtesy of the LTS tweeter loaded with Tractrix Horn. The LTS-Linear Travel Suspension reduces the chances of occurrence of distortion to result into a detailed an enhanced performance. Its entire construction is durable and saves you lots of cash because of its long lasting aspect.

6. Polk Audio TSi300 Speaker

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This is among the smallest and compact tower speakers in this price range and in this series. This doesn’t mean it doesn’t do its job. It has a small footprint and this makes it possible to use it as front channels in your home theatre system. You can also use it as main speakers in your music system. You can pair it with a few compatible surrounds, a center and series subwoofers and the result is an awesome sound system that saves you money you could have paid for theatre services like entry fee and the rest. Its flat screen technology has good wood grain finishing. All these put together result in a good sound system and an incredible theatrical experience at the comfort of your home.

5. Polk Audio Signature Series

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It doesn’t matter what is playing, this speaker upgrades your home into a theatre with the improved Atmos configuration. The sound is clear, clean rich and is in full range. Dynamic balance and the Atmos configuration is a patented technology of Polk and does away with anything that reduces the performance of the speaker. The speaker has curved edges that give it a powerful look that is compatible with any home décor and adds to the aesthetics of your space. It is available in a washed walnut and a stunning black finish. The patented design increases the surface area and eliminates turbulence and distortion.

4. Transpeed Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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The Bluetooth feature allows you to pair it in a few seconds with devices like Samsung, iPads, iPods, iPhones and other smart devices. The wireless experience offers convenience and can rewind, skip or change your music from a distance without having to stand. It has a charging docking station that you can use to charge devices via USB. The USB cable is however not included in the purchase. LED speaker lights allow you to operate your speaker even in darkness. The lighting adds to the aesthetics of your space. It is portable and light in weight allowing you to carry it to any location of your choice.

3. ELAC Uni-fi UF5 Speaker

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A three-way speaker has numerous points of interest in its design. By designating drivers to high, mid-and the bass frequencies, each is upgraded for the range of frequency in its design and the material it is made of is most appropriate. Drivers like the tweeter of Uni-Fi arrangement perform taking care of business, while bigger, aluminum-cone woofers take care of the ranges in frequency in which they perform well. The custom terminals give adaptability of speaker wire connection and guarantee ideal electron exchange from speaker links to the speaker itself. Subtle elements like this have the effect needed for the best entertainment experience.

2. Polk Audio TSi500

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This speaker has a three tower design two center channels that are matching and two bookshelves. Its look is contemporary and matches well with any home décor. It is designed to be compatible with the modern electronic components and televisions. The sound produced is clear, clean spacious and open by the powered receivers and amplifiers. The critically tuned floors firing port reduces port noise and the result is a low frequency extension that is great bringing about a full bodied and natural sound that has a good and rich bass without considering the room placement. It has a high gloss piano finish that complements the latest styles.

1. Polk Audio Monitor 70, Series ii

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clear, clean and rich sound is what you get from this Bluetooth speaker thanks to the MDF enclosure construction that is non-resistant and has three quarter inch baffles and internal bracings from the front to the back and from side to side. Drivers are responsible for playing bass frequencies and the upper driver only plays the upper midrange frequencies. With this the speakers give maximum output of bass while maintaining detailed midrange responses and precise imaging. The dynamic balance drivers are very light in weight, stiff and durable and result in good damping and creates excellent bass and high efficiency.

Final Verdict

Shopping for a good slim tower Bluetooth speaker can be a hectic affair leaving you with endless migraines and insomnia. That ends after going through the Top 10 Best Slim Tower Bluetooth Speaker under 500 Dollar. Their performance and durability is not an issue to gamble and most certainly they fit a moderate budget.

The fact that they have Bluetooth capabilities makes them a guarantee of convenience because you can pair them with your smart devices in seconds and enjoy your music at different frequencies of your taste and preference.

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