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Top 10 Best Small Electric Tea Kettles In 2021 Reviews

When you are looking for an electric tea kettle, the biggest is not always the best. There are instances where you require small electric tea kettles to solve personal problems. This kind of kettle is less when it comes to capacity but it can be sufficient enough to solve your needs at the time. Such kettles are designed to hold up to 1.3 cups of tea at a time. The major purpose of this kettle is for personal use and owners are interested in travels and portability in mind.

Most of them are advanced and they are designed to serve your purpose at the time. Choosing this kind of kettle is not that easy as there are several models in the market making it extremely difficult for many people to make a choice. Top 10 best small electric tea kettles are reviewed here. If you are here because you are looking for one, you have made the wisest decision. Keep reading to discover more about these best.

10. Miroco Electric Kettle

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This is one of the best. It is famous for its wonderful features. It can control its temperature and it comes with a double wall and that is why it can keep the content warm for a long time. It is one of the best anti-scald tea kettles out there and designed with one hundred percent stainless steel materials.

Moreover, this product is one hundred percent free and safe to use because it is designed with BPA free materials. It is easy to use, as it comes with an auto shut off feature. Boil-dry protection makes it safe to carry. It can boil very fast. It comes with everything you want and it is highly portable and you have value for your money when you use this.

9. Miroco Electric Kettle Temperature Control Stainless Steel

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Miroco is always on top of this industry. It is a 1.7-liter capacity tea kettle and it is BPA free making it one of the safest in the industry. It is cordless and makes it portable and comes with LED light. Furthermore, the auto shut off features makes it more user friendly. It does away with the issue of guesswork. Besides the boil-dry protection ensure that you do not worry about your safety when you are using it. The kettle can boil very fast.

You can control the temperature through the six present modes available and makes it easier to customize the use of the product. After boiling, it is going to keep your water warm for the next 30 minutes. Food safety is one of the things to consider in buying this kind of product and this model is designed with food-safe materials. The fear of tea contamination will never arise.

8. Bodum Bistro Electric Water Kettle, Plastic, 17 Ounce, .5 Liter, Black

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this is one of the best is the model is known for its effectiveness. It does not only boil water fast; it keeps it warm for a long time. When it comes to performance, the model has an edge over others because it can get your tea done in minutes. The heating element is at the bottom and it remained unexposed.

Most importantly, it comes with manuals that guide you on how best to use this product and achieve a good result. It comes with a water scale. This is good because it ensures that you are boiling a perfect quantity of water you need that can serve your purpose at a time. This product is also very powerful.

7. Bonavita BV382510V 1.0L Digital Variable Temperature Gooseneck Kettle

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When it comes to quality, this model is one of the best and it comes with adjustable and variable temperature. The increment is in the rate of one degree. However, the kettle can heat very fast and it reaches up to 1000 degrees and that is why it can heat very fast. When it is in operation you would not be in doubt of the performance because it displays the temperature.

Precise use and control are the key features that set this model apart from several others out there. Furthermore, you can keep track of the brewing process through the count up timer, and you can monitor what you are doing in real-time. This is one of the most user-friendly products and it is highly recommended for those looking for the best.

6. Hamilton Beach Electric Tea Kettle

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this model serves two purposes. The first is that it can serve as a water boiler and the second is that it can serve as a water heater. It is cordless and comes with an auto shut off feature. Besides the safety of its users is guaranteed through the boil dry protection features. It is fast when it comes to performance as the body is designed with the finest quality stainless steel material.

Thus, it can heat very fast and you are going to like this because of the efficiency. The powerful rapid boil system means that it is going to boil very fast. It has multipurpose use as you can use it in the kitchen and good for dorms as well as offices. The model is also very safe and it is safer than even stovetop. If you want the best, you can always start from this model.

5. Electric Kettle, Miroco 1.5L Double Wall 100% Stainless Steel BPA-Free Cool Touch Tea Kettle with Overheating Protection, Cordless with Auto Shut-Off

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Its heat retention ability is the key feature that makes it better than most other models out there. It is designed with the finest quality stainless steel interior and that is why it can boil very fast. Besides, it features double-wall kettle liners to ensure that heat does not go out of the system fast. It is made with food safety products and this means that the safety of the user is one hundred percent assured.

Very easy and simple to use. Getting access to the kettle spout is simple as it features a wide spout as well as an opening which makes it easy for the tea to be poured. The safety of the user is there and the tea boils very fast and most importantly, it retains heat for a long time. What else do you want? This is simply the best.

4. Mueller Premium 1500W Electric Kettle with SpeedBoil Tech

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It is a great quality product from Mueller and it makes the list because of the quality. If you are interested in premium quality products, then you can always consider this model. It is cordless and it can contain 1.8 liters of water at a time. The safety of the user is certain because it is designed with non-BPA materials. Besides, this kettle is very efficient when it comes to heating.

It comes with an auto shut off feature and you do not need to worry whether the tea is done or not done. If you want tea from the purest tasting water, then you can always consider this product. It is indeed one of the best and that is why it makes the list. It is versatile and you can use it for more purposes.

3. COSORI Electric Kettle (BPA-Free)

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This is the third-best in the list and it is designed with BPA free materials. This means that teas made from it are safe to consume. Moreover, it comes with LED light indicators that enable you to monitor what you are doing. The auto shut off feature as well as the boil and dry protection is to ensure that the safety of the user is always there. Your safety is therefore certain and it is designed with a stainless steel inner lid that ensures it boils very fast and it starts the boiling from the bottom.

The pure tea taste is also guaranteed if you use this fantastic product. The glass component is from the best quality borosilicate materials which are known for their durability. This does not scratch. It is safe and the auto shut off feature makes it precise to use. Most importantly, this product can boil water very fast. It is a great addition to any kitchen.

2. Amazon Basics Stainless Steel Portable Electric Hot Water Kettle – 1 Liter, Silver

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It is portable and it comes from AmazonBasics. It is designed from stainless steel material and it can get hot very fast which means that it can conserve energy for you. This is one of the smallest and it can just contain 1 liter of water. The product is cordless and it makes it easier and portable.

Easy filing and serving are guaranteed because of the wonderful design. Furthermore, this model comes with a concealed heating element and BPA free materials ensure the safety of the user. The filter is also removable making for proper maintenance and easy cleaning. This product can shut off on its own making it simpler and easier to use too.

1. Ovente Electric Glass Kettle 1.5 Liter with Heat Tempered Borosilicate Glass

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Ovente brand is the best and it comes with the best features. It can take up to 1.5 liters of water and uses the best-tempered borosilicate glass. The auto shut off feature makes it the best in the market. It comes with auto shut off and this means that it can switch off on its own when it becomes hot.

When it comes to performance, it is designed in style and it is more durable. Because of the wonderful design, it is liked by users. If you want it fast, you can use this one because of the wonderful performance. Furthermore, it is eco friendly and it is designed for your satisfaction. It has everything you want and that is why it makes the list of the best ten in the market.


You will no longer find it hard to get the best small electric tea kettle in the market. These are the best you can buy from the market. You can see from the features that they offer the best. If you buy any of them, you have value for your money.

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