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Top 10 Best Synthesizer Under $1000 in 2020 Reviews

The invention of synthesizers is to bring innovations to the music world. There are different models out there and the makers promise that these offer the best to you. In most cases, the claims are far away from reality. You do not make a choice based on these claims, rather you have to make your research to discover the best.

To get the best you do not overstretch your budget. There are many of them under one thousand dollars. To ensure you do not face difficulties in choosing the best, we reviewed the top ten best synthesizers under $1000. Continue to read to know why these products are the best under that amount.

10. Yamaha MX49 Music Production Synthesizer, Blue

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Yamaha is great brand and they have introduced different electronic devices to the market. One of the best and affordable synthesizers in the market today is the MX49. Most importantly, this product is class compliant and connects through a USB device. You do not need to install drivers before it can operate.

It operates through Motif sound engine. The product is very effective and can control about eight elements just in a voice.


  • The model is class compliant
  • Controls many elements in a single voice
  • It can boast of 128 notes of polyphony
  • This can record and playback as well
  • virtual circuit Modeling

9. IK Multimedia UNO Synth portable monophonic analog synthesizer

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One thing great with this synthesizer is the portability. This makes it simple and easy to operate. It sounds great and is composed of multimode filter and oscillators.

Another outstanding aspect of the product is that it is programmable. Furthermore, it comes with 100 presets. Most importantly, it comes with a 2-octave multi-touch keyboard. It features a step sequencer and arpeggiator.


  • This product sounds great
  • It is easily programmable
  • Different modes of operation
  • Powered through the battery as well as USB

8. Yamaha MX61 Music Production Synthesizer, Blue

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It is another great product from Yamaha. This is one of the most innovative music production synthesizers. It is blue and like other models of the brand, it is class compliant.

It also utilizes Motif sound engine. This can do a lot of things and perhaps the most important amongst them is the control of more than eight elements. This can transform your experience.


  • The model is class compliant
  • This works without installing drivers
  • Operates through the Motif Sound Engine
  • It recreates your sound several
  • 16 channels available and boasts of 128 notes of polyphony

7. Yamaha REFACE YC Portable Combo Organ with Vintage Organ Waves and Effects many

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Another wonderful product from Yamaha. This refaces YC is portable. It comes with vintage organ waves and this has its effects. The 128 note polyphony ensures a great performance.

The other interesting thing about this is that it is portable and because of that, it is easy to use it anywhere and any place. This feature stands this out.


  • Combo organ and features five vintage organ waves
  • 128 note polyphony
  • Reface comes with everything needed to use it
  • It comes with HQ mini keyboard and has 37 keys
  • It comes with an inbuilt speaker

6. Yamaha REFACE DX Portable FM Synthesizer several

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This is another model of Yamaha Reface. This is also portable like others. Perhaps the greatest aspect of it is that it is portable. It operates through a 4 operator FM engine. This makes your music wonderful.

Most importantly it is easy to record and recall what you have already stored. This is possible because of the 32 voice memory locations. This also comes with 37 keys and can make a great difference.


  • It features 4 operator FM sound engine
  • This offers 32 Voice memory locations
  • The model also comes with an inbuilt speaker system
  • Because it is portable, you can use it anywhere

5. BEHRINGER Synthesizer (MODELD)

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This brand is MODELD. This Behringer product comes with triple VCO design and this makes it easy to have great music for your satisfaction and relaxation. When it comes to music creation, this model has an edge.

It offers the best when it comes to performance. If you are looking for authentic reproduction of original music, this model is there for you.


  • It is an ultra-high precision product
  • Analogue synthesizer
  • High precision
  • 5 variable oscillator shapes
  • Fast and reliable

4. Arturia MicroBrute Analog Synthesizer

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Do you want the best of music, then you can think of this model? It is one of the finest and that is why it makes the list. This operates in the multimode filter such as HP, BP as well as LP.

It connects through different devices such as USB MIDI. This is a mixer as well as sub-Osc. Features five-pin connectors.


  • One hundred percent audio signal path
  • It features multimode filter
  • Features voltage-controlled oscillator
  • It is an ultra saw shimmering waveform sawtooth
  • Five DIN connectors

3. Novation MiniNova Analog Modeling Synthesizer

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Novation is one of the best modeling synthesizers in the market. This is an analog modeling synthesizer. This model is very powerful and very compact. It features a Nova sound engine.

Furthermore, it comes with a vocoder and the vocal tune pitch is the best. It makes a great difference when it comes to sound quality.


  • This is very powerful
  • Uses a Nova sound engine
  • Great correcting effect
  • 256 onboard sound
  • Best in music performance

2. Korg microKorg 37-Key Analog Modeling Synthesizer with Vocoder

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This one features a vocoder. It has 37 keys and it is based on analog technology. The sound generation method is the greatest.

Moreover, it features a synthesizer program. The sound generating system is unique. It is also compact in design.


  • Unique sound generation method
  • Analog modeling system
  • Operates in 4 voices
  • Operates through six different outputs
  • Compatible with different operating systems

1. Hamzer 61-Key Portable Electronic Keyboard Piano with Stand, Stool, Headphones, Microphone & Sticker Sheet

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Hamzer is a great name when it comes to a synthesizer. The important aspect of this is that it is affordable. It is the best as you can see from the performance. It features 61 keys and it is highly portable.

It is easy and simple to use. The model comes with a stool, a stand as well as microphone and headphones. It also comes with a sticker sheet.


  • The model is flawless
  • The sound is authentic
  • It features an integrated learning system
  • There are the deluxe effects several
  • This records and playback


Selecting the best synthesizer is not easy. This is because there are lots of models out there. However, the information provided above will assist you to select the best. These are the most reliable and they are recommended.

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