Top 10 Best Unlocked Phones Under 500 Dollars In 2021 Reviews

Choosing best-unlocked phones under 500 can support all the major carriers will not be an easy thing. The reason is that there are several of such phones out there and you must search diligently to choose the best. The major reason for using this kind of phone is that it makes it easier to choose the best carrier. Even if you want to switch from one carrier provider to the other, it is relatively easy with an unlocked phone.

Because of the intimidating number of such phones out there, you will need a guide in making a choice. If you are finding it hard to make that choice, the information below is to help you. Are you still confused, keep reading to discover why these are the best you can buy with money?

10. Google Pixel 4 XL – Just Black – 64GB – Unlocked

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Google pixel is one such phone. This model is extra large and it comes with wonderful features apart from being unlocked. It comes with everything you require from this kind of phone. One of them is the ease of use and quality pictures you can take with the phone. To use this phone, it is a question of point and shoots and you get the perfect picture with the phone. Most importantly, it is easier to capture the best color and the exposure is easy to control.

Furthermore, you can take the best shot and you can do that without using the flash. The voice aspect of the phone is also outstanding and that is because you are going to do more with it. Besides, there are other things that you can do with this phone. The most important aspect is that the phone is unlocked and this opened it for many possibilities.

9. Samsung Galaxy A51 (SM-A515F/DS)

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This phone is one of the best quality Galaxy phones from Samsung. It uses double SIM and when it comes to storage capacity, it is one of the best. Moreover, the GSM feature is unlocked and this means that you can change the network at choice. The display feature is also outstanding and uses 6.5 inches super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen. The resolution is also one of the outstanding features as this stands at 1080 by 2400 pixels.

This uses Android as the operating platform and the camera feature is equally outstanding. The sensors are also outstanding and the sensor can take care of different features such as a compass, proximity, gyro as well as an accelerometer, and so on. The device can also connect through the internet through different devices.

8. Moto E5 (2018)

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The Moto phone is one of the best-unlocked phones in which you can buy under 500 dollars in the market today. It also has a huge storage space of 16GB and 2GB and the display technology is one of the best. Perhaps the most outstanding feature of the product is the superior battery life. It has FM radio and because of the unlocked feature, you can choose a carrier of your choice. Furthermore, you can change the carrier if you do not like the present provider. This comes with two cameras. One camera is in the front and another camera is at the back.

When it comes to connectivity, it connects through different devices including wireless technology as well as Bluetooth technology. The system also comes with a microSD card that you can use for storage.

7. Samsung Galaxy A20s, A207M, 32GB, GSM, Unlocked Phone, Dual-SIM, Blue

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When it comes to quality phones, Samsung has an edge and in galaxy family, they produce top brands in the market. This model is one of the best in the industry. The phone is unlocked and features dual sim. This is blue and comes with the highest storage space. The phone memory is one of the best things you are going to like about it and it comes with 32GN and the RAM can boast of 3GB. The microSD is worth 512GB and the dual sim means that it can take two carriers at a time.

The phone can boast of the main camera and well as other cameras at the rear. It comes with a sensor that has other capacities. It uses an android operating system and connects through different devices. When you travel with this, you can use it for different purposes. Because of the wonderful angle, you can use this for different purposes.

6. BLU Studio Mini -5.5HD Smartphone, 32GB+2GB Ram -Black

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It is another great quality product and it comes with wonderful features. There are lots of features that set the model apart from others out there. The display quality is about the best in that industry and the storage capacity is also outstanding. It can boast of 2GB Ram as well as 32GB

The screen and camera resolutions are outstanding and that is why the photo quality is always the best. The memory available in that product is the best. There is different storage which includes MicroSD card, the main internal memory. The chipset and processor systems are also great. It has the most durable which can serve for a long time after fully charged. You can have access to the whole world through the internet and the storage system is one of the best in the industry.

5. BLU Advance A4 2019- Unlocked Dual Sim, 16GB -Black

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It is another great unlock phone from BLU. This is one of the most advanced phones from this company. This is new in the market since it was introduced just last year. The phone is a smart one and uses an android 8.1 Oreo Go edition. The resolution is one of the most outstanding features of this phone and the touchscreen display makes it easy and simple to operate. The product also comes with two cameras which include the main camera as well as a selfie camera. The main camera comes with a flash.

The internal storage is large but not as large as several others out there. It can boast of 16GB internal memory as well as MicroSD card up to 64GB. The product also uses a 1.3 GHz quad-core processor with Mali-400 GPU.

4. Samsung Galaxy A50 US Version Factory Unlocked Cell Phone

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The memory is one of the key features of this great Samsung product. This is a US version and it is factory unlocked. The internal memory is 64GB and the screen size is also large. Furthermore, the battery is another great aspect of it since it does not disappoint the users. The battery is durable and it is meant to last for 35 hours.

this comes with three specialized lenses. The camera is better than any other similar product out there. You can use this for different purposes and it is not going to disappoint you. It makes it easy for you to capture any image of your choice. This phone is unlocked and that makes it easier to choose a carrier of your choice.

3. Apple iPhone X, 64GB, Silver – Fully Unlocked (Renewed)

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Apple is not left out when it comes to the manufacture of unlocked phones below 500 dollars. This is model is one of such phones. This model is renewed and it is compatible with different carriers. It is one hundred percent unlocked.

It does not come with a SIM card; you have to choose a carrier and the card. In the same way, it does not come with any headphones. The phone is also durable and comes with a charging cable as well as a charger. The battery was equally tested for battery health and you get true value for your money when you order this product.

2. Google – Pixel 3a with 64GB Memory Cell Phone (Unlocked) – Just Black – G020G

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This is second to the best in this category. It has the best features you will be expecting from this kind of product. The photo quality is the best and you can use the camera any time of the day including the night. It takes photos in different modes which include the HDR+ as well as the portrait mode and so on.

Furthermore, it has the best storage system and memory in the industry. You can store as many photos as you like. It is fitted with Google assistant and this helps to get things done. The system is going to charge very fast and it is going to last for seven hours after fully charging. The three years of OS security updates ensure that it will never disappoint. You can use different carriers of your choice.

1. Apple iPhone 8, 64GB, Gold – Fully Unlocked (Renewed)

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This is another great product and this is the best on the list. It has edge over others in different respects. First is that the phone storage capacity is great and it is unlocked. It is renewed and this version is better than the previous versions out there. It is compatible with almost all the providers in the market today.

When you order one it does not come with a SIM card and it does not come with headphones. Moreover, it comes with the needed charging system. This is certified and it does not disappoint and that is why it tops the list of the best ten. The battery is also durable


These are the best-unlocked phones under 500 dollars you can buy with money. These phones are durable and they have the best storage capacities. Besides, the camera system and you can choose your preferred carriers as they are unlocked. If you are looking for the best, you can consider any of these products.

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